EBAY 35.305 20:00 02.06 WELLS FARGO 51.735 20:00 02.06 BOEING 190.170 20:00 02.06 AUD/JPY 82.152 20:00 02.06 SILVER 17.531 20:00 02.06 EUR/CHF 1.08598 20:00 02.06 NZD/USD 0.71408 20:00 02.06 USD/CAD 1.34944 20:00 02.06 EUR/AUD 1.51646 20:00 02.06 EUR/USD 1.12820 20:00 02.06 GOLD 1278.165 20:00 02.06 AUD/USD 0.74396 20:00 02.06 USD/JPY 110.423 20:00 02.06 OIL-AUG17 (BRENT) 50.050 20:00 02.06 ALIBABA 124.135 20:00 02.06 CITIGROUP 61.085 20:00 02.06 GOLDMAN SACHS 213.370 20:00 02.06 AMAZON 1006.095 20:00 02.06 ALPHABET Inc C (Google) 974.425 20:00 02.06 APPLE 155.295 20:00 02.06 MORGAN STANLEY 42.495 20:00 02.06 YAHOO 50.595 20:00 02.06 BANK OF AMERICA 22.425 20:00 02.06 3M 206.545 20:00 02.06 WALT DISNEY 107.095 20:00 02.06 S&P 500 2437.760 20:00 02.06 NASDAQ 6303.070 20:00 02.06 DOW 21194.79 20:00 02.06 USD/CHF 0.96252 20:00 02.06 GBP/JPY 142.227 20:00 02.06
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Why Should You Invest?

Stocking away money you’ve earned is alright, but investing can increase what you already have. You should invest for many reasons, and OptionWeb is here to aid you while you’re making any decisions. Investments are an effective way to save for your future instead of relying on a pension fund, but the question is where to invest. Investment is also a step to making wealth as your money can outpace inflation and increase its value. Thinking about where or why to invest can be overwhelming, as many decisions, research, and analysis must be made. If you were thinking of just having a joyous time without doing any research, you could join an online casino, claim a bonus offer and see whether it brings you any profit or not. However, this is not really considered investing. As we’ve mentioned, one of the primary reasons you should invest money is to save for retirement. You can use the money you make for portfolios such as stocks, bonds, real estate, businesses - anything of that sort. Remember that greater risks will increase your chances of making colossal wealth, but you could also end up losing your investment.

Benefits of Investments

One of the main benefits of investing is the potential for long-term returns. In the beginning, cash might seem safer than stocks, but stocks have the potential to increase your wealth. If you think that the high volatility of the stock market is necessarily bad, you might want to reconsider. High volatility can sometimes help you purchase quality shares that start at a lower price. And when the quality proves over time, more investors would want to join, resulting in greater returns. The next benefit of investing is known as outperforming inflation. Your funds must provide a higher rate of return post-tax than the inflation rate to grow over time. Finding a savings account capable of providing you with a return over the recent inflation rate might be challenging given the rate of interest today. So it makes sense to think about making investments that may surpass inflation.

The Risk of Investing

The main downside that all investors must know is the risk. You can never know when the value of your money will increase or dropdown. However, some metrics can help determine if the investment is risky or not in the long run.
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